Our OroVerde Chia fields are nestled in the heart of the ancient Aztec empire, where we sustainably produce the rich and nutritious foods that allowed previous civilizations to thrive here. This area, known as the land of "eternal spring" is graced with fertile volcanic soils and mineral rich waters from the surrounding volcanic peaks. These attributes combined, produce our exceptionally high nutrient and antioxidant crop.
Oro Verde is the only grower-producer that grows with traditional farmer cooperatives at the proper high altitudes that result in remarkably high antioxidant produce. Our vision is to produce the highest quality, all natural, authentic food and food ingredients, supported by tradition and science in a sustainable and earth-friendly manner.


Chia Seed Nutrition: Ideal balance of essential fatty acids, with plant based Omega-3,6,9 ...


Chia is native to this geographical area of the Aztec Empire, previously of the Olmec and later Toltec civilizations....


Our Chia seed is very low in sodium and due to its high Antioxidants profile can be stored for years, unlike other seeds and grains that need special storage...

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